Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 Road! Mt Tabor Series #1 Race Report

Race Report: Tabor Series #1, June 9, 2010.

by Elaine Bothe

Rain, rain stayed away!

Six of us brave Sorellas make it to the top of the volcano for the first of the Mt Tabor circuit race series. It’s been pouring all day. Under threatening skies and over a slightly wet course teammates Michelle, Karin and Tonya represent in the Cat 4s, and Martina, Jan and myself hold down the back of the starting grid in Masters 40+.

Shivering in the cold, finally the 4's go, then us masters. Lisa from Bike Atty's shoots out first, I jump onto her wheel. Anne from Guinness, Jan and Martina follow closely. Up the hill, Lisa poops out a bit and I take off. Jan and Anne stick close. We trade off the lead for a couple laps then, we catch up with Margie who dropped from the senior pack.

Bell lap, PRIME! Wheee! (That means there’s an extra prize for the person who crosses the finish line first the next lap. It’s pronounced “preem,” I don’t know why, probably something Euro.)

I know Jan loves primes, and she's flying on the flat and up the hill. But I find a turboboost and Jan falls off, I want to see if she's going to reboot, but she yells Go Elaine!! and then seeing Anne's turquoise green kit in the corner of my eye I gun it. The coffee is MINE!!! they announce over the loudspeaker. Thanks for the awesome lead-out, Jan! it's fun racing with teammates!

Anne falls off, it's me wheezing big time now, and Margie and Jan working together, I'm thankful for a bit of a break. I lead up the hills, Margie, down, Jan takes pulls on the flat. Two laps like this, but then we lose Jan. I'm still on my cross bike with my mtb shoes still damp from the Jedi and my mud covered helmet.

Ward at River City set up my cross bike this week so I can continue to get used to the mtb pedals, and to fix some knee issues with the bike at Cherry Blossom. It's great now, we shifted some things for power and agility. It worked!! 

I accelerate up the last hill for the win.

Jan thinks she came in third, didn't know Margie isn't racing masters... so Jan actually got 2nd!!! Great job! Martina hung in there too... excellent job, what fun. 

Photo credit: Stewart Campbell

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